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Essential Guide: Understanding Classifications of Plastic Mold Products

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As the demand for plastic products increases, plastic molds have formed a huge industrial chain, from the upstream raw and auxiliary material industry and processing and testing equipment to the downstream machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, electronic communications, and construction and building materials. In several major application industries, such as plastic molds, the development of plastic molds will face huge opportunities.

Plastic Mold Overview

Plastic molds are plastic product processing tools that are matched with plastic molding machines to give plastic products complete configuration and precise dimensions. Due to the wide variety of plastic types and processing methods, and the complex and simple structures of plastic molding machines and plastic products, the types and structures of plastic molds are also diverse. Plastic mold products are generally divided into the following six different mold types according to different molding methods.

1. Blister mold

2. Blow mold

3. High-expanded polystyrene mold

4. Compression mold

5. Extrusion mold

6. Injection mold

About BFY Mold

BFY Mold mainly undertakes injection mold product development and design, 3D rapid prototyping, mold design and manufacturing, product injection molding, product surface treatment and other services.

Injection Molding Processing Components

Injection mold is the most commonly used molding mold in the production of thermoplastic parts. The corresponding processing equipment for the injection mold is a plastic injection molding machine. The plastic is first heated and melted in the heating barrel at the bottom of the injection machine, and then it is heated and melted in the screw or screw of the injection molding machine. Pushed by the plunger, it enters the mold cavity through the nozzle of the injection molding machine and the pouring system of the mold. The plastic is cooled and hardened to form, and the product is demolded to obtain the product.

Mold Structure

Its structure usually consists of molding parts, pouring system, guide parts, push-out mechanism, temperature adjustment system, exhaust system, support parts and other parts.

Mold Material Form

Manufacturing materials usually use plastic mold steel. Commonly used materials are mainly carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed steel, etc. The injection molding processing method is usually only suitable for the production of thermoplastic products. Plastic products produced by the injection molding process are very wide, ranging from daily necessities to various complex machinery, electrical appliances, automobile parts, etc., are all molded with injection molds. It is the most widely used processing method in the production of plastic products.

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