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Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Custom made all kinds plastic injection mold, and custom all kinds plastic injection molding production, and also with surface treatment (paint, print, water trans-print, welding, assemble).
  • Custom made all kinds CNC machining products.
  • Custom die casting mold and die casting products, with surface treatment, powder coating, anodizing, etc.

Injection Molding

Our injection molding factory churns out hundreds of injection molding parts on demand. We use premium quality materials for every project.

Mold Design

Custom injection molding service for the manufacturing of competitive pricing, high-quality plastic prototyping and production parts in a fast lead time.

CNC Machining

CNC machines are very precise and have large tolerances. This service is ideal for prototyping and producing metal, resin and other parts.

Surface Finishing

High-quality surface finishing services can improve the appearance and functionality of your parts, providing quality metal, composite and plastic surface treatment services.

Mold Making

We offer mold-making services at competitive rates and deliver in short lead times. All processes are performed under strict quality guidelines and the supervision of mold engineering experts.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Utilizing heavy machinery to remove overburden and transport extracted materials.

Insert Molding

Insert molding is suitable for assembling metal and plastic parts quickly and smoothly. We can design and manufacture all the components in-house and also insert-mold them for you.


In overmolding, when the first layer of resin cools, a second layer of material is injected over it. We provide this service and can source all the requisite materials for you.

How We Work

Our Working Process

Let us tell you how to make mold design more in line with production efficiency, low cost can also make high quality.

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Get Fast Quote

Send us your design by email. Within 1 business day, get a favorable quote and a free design analysis for your prototype and production parts.

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Start Production

After you place order, we start the manufacturing process. Besides, we provide 1 to 1 order follow-up service to ensure the quality and cycle of production.

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Receive Your Custom Parts

Once parts pass quality inspections they are well packed for delivery. Rest assured with our 30-day quality guarantee.

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After-sales Service

We will continue to follow up with your order, professional engineers to carry out effective after-sales order processing.

Our Work

Industry Plastic Parts Solutions

Comprehensive on-demand production service that guarantees superior precision and quality in all our products. Our advanced production process ensures efficient production rates, enabling us to provide just-in-time delivery for your production parts.

Let's Talk About Project!

Let us tell you how to make mold design more in line with production efficiency, low cost can also make high quality.