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How to choose the standard mold?

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How to select a standard mold when working with an injection mold factory? Injection molds are customized for different plastic products. However, the injection mold structure has many similarities.

Therefore, to make molds more efficiently, injection mold manufacturers began to use some standard molds. In the custom mold design, the injection mold factory only needs to manufacture different molded parts to inject different plastic products. Greatly reduce the time of injection mold processing. So what should we pay attention to when choosing the standard mold?

Make sure the thickness and structure of the mold

The mold thickness and the closing distance of the injection molding machine are different for different models and specifications of the injection molding machine, and the closing distance of the mold locking mechanism with different structural forms is also different.

Confirm the mode spacing

The distance between the opening stroke of the injection mold and the front and back dies and the size of the distance required by the ejecting part must be clear in the design, the exit stroke should be greater than the distance between the front and back dies required for removing the plastic parts, and the distance required for ejecting the plastic parts should be less than the rated exit stroke of the ejecting hydraulic cylinder of the injection molding machine.

About installing a standard mold holder you should know

a: The dimensions of the standard mold should not be affected by the spacing of the rod of the injection machine;

b: Positioning aperture and positioning ring size should be well matched;

c: The position of the ejector mechanism of the injection machine and the stroke of the ejector rod are appropriate;

d: Whether the nozzle aperture and spherical radius are matched with the pouring sleeve aperture of the mold and the spherical groove size;

e: The position and aperture of the mold mounting hole should be matched with the corresponding screw holes on the moving template and fixed template of the injection molding machine.

Confirm the injection molding process

When selecting the mold frame, it is necessary to understand the technical requirements of the injection molding parts and their injection molding process to ensure the performance and reliability of the plastic parts and injection molds, and it is necessary to check and calculate the mechanical properties of the mold parts, especially the strength and stiffness of the mold, to ensure that the size of the front and back molds and the support plate meet the needs of the mold structure.

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