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How to improve TPE soft adhesive mold?

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In the process of secondary injection molding, the problem of TPE soft adhesive mold is an aspect that needs to be focused on. To improve the situation of TPE soft adhesive mold, it can be tried from the following aspects:

1. Mold design optimization

Try to design the male mold into a smooth surface. In contrast, the female mold is sandblasted or sun-patterned to reduce the contact area between the TPE soft adhesive and the mold surface, thereby reducing the adhesion.

Reduce the drawing Angle of the male die or do not do the drawing Angle so that the soft glue is more inclined to stay on the male die, rather than adhere to the female die.

Optimize the design of the exhaust structure of the mold, ensure that the gas can be discharged smoothly, reduce the gas pressure in the mold cavity, and contribute to the release of soft rubber.

2. Molding process adjustment

In the molding process, the temperature of the mold can be adjusted, such as low-temperature treatment of the male mold, high-temperature treatment of the female mold, and the use of temperature difference effect to reduce the adhesion of soft glue.

Appropriately reduce the molding temperature and pressure to reduce the fluidity and pressure of TPE soft adhesive and reduce the possibility of adhering to the mold.

3. Material selection and optimization

By selecting a suitable TPE material and adjusting the formula system the material’s fluidity and demolding performance can be improved, and the phenomenon of sticking mold can be reduced.

Try to use a release agent with better compatibility with TPE soft adhesive to reduce its impact on the appearance of the product, while ensuring the release effect.

4. Mold maintenance and cleaning

Before injection, ensure that the mold is cleaned to avoid oil, dust, and other impurities damaging the TPE soft glue and mold contact.

Maintain the mold immediately, check and remove the residue and impurities in the mold, and keep the mold surface clean and clean.

5. Other difficult questions

In the secondary injection process, pay attention to controlling the injection rate and pressure to avoid excessive flow and adhesion of soft glue caused by too fast injection speed and too high pressure.

When planning the two-color mold, attention should be paid to the compatibility and fluidity of the two plastic materials to ensure the successful separation and mold of the injection process.

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