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Injection molding machine type and characteristics

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Plastic machine is one of the most commonly used equipment in plastic mold manufacturing. It melts plastics into abrasives through high temperature and pressure to produce products of various shapes. According to different needs and scope of application, plastic machines can be divided into a variety of types and models. This article will introduce the types and characteristics of plastic mold injection molding machines to help you better understand the selection and use of injection molding machines.

injection molding factory
injection molding factory

Classification of injection modes

1. Extrusion Molding Machine

The extruder is suitable for long-section goods of pipes and wood. The plastic melts and extrudes the mold by rotating screw, which has the characteristics of strong working ability and stable product quality.

2. Injection Molding Machine

Jet plastic machine is the most common type of plastic machine, suitable for the production of various shapes of plastic products, such as Japanese appliances, electronic products casing, and so on. It introduces the molten plastic into the abrasive tool through the jet device to create the desired product shape, with high production precision and good surface quality.

3. Blow Molding Machine

The blow molding machine is suitable for the production of hollow plastic products, such as bottles, containers, etc. The molten plastic can be put into the plastic mold, and the plastic can be blown with high-pressure air to create the desired product appearance, which has the characteristics of strong working ability and light product.

injection molding machine
injection molding machine

Structural feature classification

1. Horizontal Injection Molding Machine

The horizontal plastic machine is a kind of plastic machine with a simple structure and simple operation. Introduction equipment and abrasives are located at the same level, suitable for the production of plastic parts, electronic connectors, and other small goods.

2. Vertical Injection Molding Machine

A vertical plastic machine is a compact, small plastic machine. The introduction equipment and abrasive tools are located on the same vertical surface, which is suitable for the production of height-limiting products such as automotive interior components and optical fiber connectors.

Classification of injection molding methods

1. Cold Runner Injection Molding Machine

Cold channel plastic machine is a common plastic machine, suitable for the production of large quantities of products. It introduces the molten plastic into the abrasive cavity through the cold channel inside the abrasive, and then cools and dries quickly through the refrigeration unit. After molding, the product is discharged according to the jet device, with strong working ability and low consumption characteristics.

2. Hot Runner Plastic Machine

The hot channel plastic machine is suitable for producing high-demand products with a beautiful appearance and strict specifications. According to the heating system in the plastic mold, the molten plastic is immediately introduced into the abrasive cavity to avoid the solution backflow and waste caused by the cold channel, which has the characteristics of energy saving emission reduction and good product quality.

No matter what kind of plastic machine, it is important to choose the model suitable for your production. After selecting the plastic machine, attention should be paid to product size, material characteristics, productivity, and other factors, and fully communicate with the plastic machine manufacturer to ensure the improvement of production performance and level.

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