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Material selection for mold development of medical products

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Material is the material basis of product setting, all product setting must be carried out through the material, product setting, and material to promote each other, product setting innovation on the material puts forward new requirements. Material development provides a broader creative space for product setting and expands human setting thinking. Therefore, the medical product mold settler must fully understand the material characteristics, processing technology, environment, standards, and other related factors, and master the principle and method of material selection. Through scientific analysis and thinking, the medical product mold should better select the material suitable for the set product.

1. Factors affecting the selection of medical product mold materials

Functional element

Efficacy factors mainly include practical efficacy, aesthetic efficacy, and safety performance. Its practical effect is the basic effect of the product and is the main factor in the selection of materials in the setting. Pick another ceiling type.

Technical factor

Technical factors refer to material production technology, processing technology, surface treatment, and other related technical factors. Pick another ceiling type.

Economic factor

Economic factors are related to the manufacturing cost and price of the product, so the designer must also consider competitive products, so the economic factors must be analyzed and compared.

Medical plastic products
Medical plastic products

2. Basic principle and method of material selection of medical product mold

Safety first principle

Because the product ultimately needs to be used by users, it is necessary to ensure safety in the production and use process to protect human health, body, and property safety from injury or loss.

Meet the product set efficacy and use experience

Material selection to meet the requirements of efficiency and use environment is the most important.

Excellent quality, efficiency, low cost

At the initial stage of product setting, material selection should ensure product efficacy and quality and control costs.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the material

All materials need to understand the particularity of each material, such as nylon easy to absorb water, PP has poor fluidity, POM has lubricity, but is easy to decompose, etc., to maximize the advantages, avoid material defects, and improve the set quality of the product.

Medical plastic products
Medical plastic products

3. Meet the characteristics and materials of medical product molds

Each product’s Settings have different requirements, and the efficacy and application environment that need to be achieved are also different. Now, the corresponding relationship between the special setting requirements of the product and the corresponding material type is briefly listed as follows:

a: The product needs high temperature, please select high-temperature material.

b: High product strength requirements, choose glass fiber material as much as possible.

c: Products require high transparency, please select a transparent PC.

d: Products should be good toughness, choose PP, PE, etc.

In summary, in the setting of medical product molds, material selection requires a comprehensive analysis of each influencing factor by the settler and material selection is selected through these principles and methods throughout the setting cycle. At the same time, in the early stage of the setting, we should discuss with the material supplier technicians as much as possible, choose to meet the product use requirements, and make full use of it, so that the product setting can achieve more satisfactory results.

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