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Must plastic mold use a hot runner?

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With the development of modern industry, the demand for rubber and plastic products is increasing. As a key tool for manufacturing rubber and plastic products, plastic molds are becoming increasingly important. In the production process of plastic molds, the hot channel system is essential. In that case, what kind of hot channel must the plastic mold use? After reading this guide, you will better understand when hot runways must be used in plastic molds.

First, let’s know what a hot channel system is. A hot channel system is a temperature control system used in plastic molds to warm the mixing tank in the mold so that the plastic material is maintained at a certain temperature during injection molding. This can effectively improve the quality and production efficiency of rubber and plastic products.

In that case, what kind of hot runner must be used in plastic molds? Hot runner must be used in the following situations:


1. Large products

For auto parts, home appliances, and other major rubber and plastic products, because of the large volume, the injection molding process is prone to uneven temperature problems. The hot channel system can adjust the temperature to ensure that the plastic material in the mold is constantly maintained at the appropriate temperature and sufficient quality is guaranteed.

2. High demand products

For some products with high precision and good surface gloss, such as mobile phone cases, optical lenses, etc., the hot channel system can give constant temperature control, reduce the thermal deformation and cold folding of plastic materials, reduce the defects of products, and improve product quality.

3. Special requirements for plastic materials

Some special plastic materials, such as thermosensitive plastics, thermoplastic elastomers, etc., have very high-temperature requirements in the injection molding process. The hot channel system can meet the injection molding requirements of these materials through precise temperature manipulation.

4. Efficient production

The hot channel system not only improves product quality but also improves work efficiency. Based on the hot channel system, the effective melting and flow of plastic materials can be achieved, reducing the injection cycle and improving efficiency.

In general, the role of the hot channel system in plastic mold manufacturing can not be ignored. The hot channel system must be used for the special requirements of various commodities, high-demand products, and plastic materials, and improve efficiency. According to the application of the hot channel system, the quality and productivity of rubber and plastic products can be improved according to the demand for rubber and plastic products in different industries.

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