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Precautions for mold testing during injection molding

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· Prepare DFM

The engineer needs to prepare DFM to check the mold structure in detail. If there is any problem, it needs to be clarified on the spot. If there is any wrong place, it needs to be recorded in the mold test condition table for feedback and correction.

· Check the waterway connection and set various conditions

The project needs to check the water connection method one by one (following DFM one in one out), mold temperature setting, material tube temperature setting, and injection conditions.

Any non-conformity needs to be corrected immediately. If it cannot be corrected immediately, it needs to be recorded in the mold test condition table to facilitate the review and put forward the problem for improvement.

· 90-95% Full Product injection

Product measurement needs to be estimated before production. According to MOLDFLOW conditions, the pressure holding conversion position is determined first, the product needs to be placed under 0 pressure holding conditions, the shooting product is 90-95% stable, and the screw storage material is kept at about 10% (the mold with multiple cavities needs to see whether each cavity is fed evenly, otherwise the sample needs to be kept; Easy to adjust the mold). Then slowly add 10 pressure until the product looks good.

· Confirm size and appearance

When the appearance of the product is adjusted to an acceptable state, take the 2-mold product, soak it in water for 2-5 minutes, measure the size, take the product size as the basis, and adjust the size to the limit value of the drawing without assembly requirements.

Secondly, adjust the structural appearance fine-tune the injection parameters, and print the required sample quantity based on the excellent appearance structure conditions (confirm shrinkage, raw edge, missing material, binding line, and other defects).

And the condition record and forming condition table for next use, if there is no overcoming the need to keep sample records, to facilitate the review of improvement countermeasures.

· Confirm mold temperature and water inlet and outlet temperature of water pipe

Before injection and injection 10 mode, 30 mode after stable at least three times need to measure the temperature of each inlet and outlet of the water pipe, each inlet and outlet temperature difference should be no more than 3 degrees, if there is a difference need to check the water flow and whether the wrong connection.

In addition, the measurement temperature of the mold surface needs to be measured, depending on the size and shape of the product, large products need to measure the temperature of 5 points to a small amount. There is a large temperature difference to be confirmed. When the mold temperature is stable, it is necessary to record the measured temperature on the mold surface (take an average value). The mold surface temperature needs to be within the recommended range of the physical property table, if it cannot meet the requirements, you can try to change it if permitted.

· Confirm the clamping condition

If the product has rough edges, it is necessary to call the pliers to the scene immediately, spray red lead on the machine, and the large clamping pressure at low speed and low pressure of about 30BAR to confirm the tightness of the mold.

· DOE analysis to find out suitable conditions

If the satisfactory size or deformation of the product cannot be reached under the condition of multiple molding and machine adjustments, the engineering and machine adjustment technician shall discuss, the engineering shall list the DOE analysis table, adjust and combine the parameters that can be affected by the product problem points, conduct tests one by one according to the plan, and make condition records and sample records for each changing condition.

CPK analysis shall be carried out after completion. After testing and evaluation, the better conditions are selected for the next reference.

· Early detection, early solution

If there are deformation and size problems in the soft mold stage, it need to be solved in the soft mold stage, otherwise, it will lose the meaning of opening the mold.

· Mold change procedure

When the mold needs to be changed, the customer should be notified, and the mold should not be modified without permission. Any changes need to be approved by the customer.

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