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Why injection molded products change color?

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Injection-molded products can change color due to several factors:

Reasons for discoloration of plastic products:

1. Plastic and pigment mixed with debris;

2. Plastic and pigment pollution or degradation, decomposition;

3. The pigment quality is not good or the mixing is not uniform when used;

4. The temperature of the barrel and nozzle is too high, which makes the rubber material burnt and discolored;

5. The injection pressure and speed are set too high, causing the additives and colorants to decompose;

6. Mold surface moisture, oil, or excessive use of release agent;

7. Uneven distribution of fiber fillers, products and solvent contact resin loss, so that the fiber bare;

8. There are obstacles in the melt tube to promote material degradation.

Plastic products discoloration solution:

1. Avoid mixing with debris when mixing;

2. The raw materials should be dry, the equipment should be clean, and the refueling should be cleaned to avoid leaving excess materials;

3. To ensure the quality of all pigments, the pigments should be evenly attached to the surface of the particles when mixing;

4. Reduce the melting tube and nozzle temperature to remove burnt glue material.

5. Reduce the injection pressure and speed parameter values to avoid the decomposition of additives;

6. Dry the surface of the mold water and oil, rational use of release agent;

7. Set the process parameters of the fiber filler reasonably, use the solvent reasonably, make the plasticization good, eliminate the fiber exposure;

8. Pay attention to the removal of obstacles, especially for refuelling to strictly follow the step procedure, or use the transition refuelling method.

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