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4 Suggestions for Injection Mold Installation

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injection mold installation

1. Preparation Before Installation

Confirm the cooling water waterway, screw into the depth of the plate is 1.5-1.8 times the diameter of the screw. If the screw is not enough, it is easy to slip the teeth, and there is a risk of mold falling. Confirm that the necessary personnel, materials, tools, documents, auxiliary equipment, etc. are complete.

2. The Method of Hanging Die

When the hanging die is not level, there will be different stages of the mold cavity before and after the installation of the mold, and for the production of precision products, there will be poor concentricity, poor segment difference, poor tooth accuracy, poor distance, and other phenomena.

In the installation of the mold, we must pay attention to this problem, when the hanging mold into the closing hand can push the smaller position, and stop the closing.

Loosen and tighten the ring with the previous die as the reference (because the front die is fixed with a positioning ring). Look at the back part of the mold, and when the level of the front mold is very good, the mold cavity position is consistent, continue to close the mold to complete. But do not start high pressure better. (The first closing of the upper die must not be high pressure first, and the high pressure can be raised only after confirming that the closing can be normal).

3. The Method of Playing Screws

Low temperature is the mold temperature below 50 degrees, when the mold can be closed to high pressure starting, the front and back mold diagonally tighten the screws, and 8 screws can be screwed, when the mold temperature is above 50 degrees, the screw should not be tightened too tightly before the mold temperature reaches, and then high pressure starting after the mold temperature reaches, diagonally tighten the screws.

The mold material will expand and the volume will increase with the increase of temperature. When the mold temperature is high, it is more obvious, if the screw is tightened before heating up, it has a certain impact on the life of the mold and the accuracy of the mold.

4. The Use of Accessories

When the mold thickness is not enough, it is necessary to install a template. When the mold temperature is high, it is recommended to install a heat insulation plate between the plate and the mold. Whether it is a template or a heat shield, its flatness must be as small as possible.

If the flatness is large, the front and back of the mold are not parallel, and there is a difference after high-pressure closure, which affects the quality of the product. When the mold temperature reaches the set value, check the actual temperature of the mold, and adjust the mold thickness once.

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