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How to improve the quality of plastic mold factory

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mold base in factory

With the strengthening of the degree of design and manufacturing mold and the realization of new mold technology, mold quality has received more and more attention. In modern life, many things have been slowly replaced by plastic. No matter where the plastic mold factory produces products, the quality problem has caused great concern. Any quality problem can lead to cracking, sticking, deformation, flash, size head problems, etc.

The product quality of the plastic mold factory includes the following aspects:

1. Service life

Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the product, the number of working cycles or parts produced by the mold can be completed.

2. Product quality

Product size stability, conformity, product surface finish, product material utilization, and so on.

mold base
mold base

3. Use and maintenance of molds

Whether it is the most convenient to use, easy to release, and the production auxiliary time is as short as possible.

The basic way to improve the quality of plastic mold factory

Mold design is the most important step to improve mold quality. Many factors need to be taken into account, including the choice of mold materials, and the usability and safety of the mold structure. At the same time, the manufacturing process of the plastic mold factory is also an important part of ensuring the quality of the mold.

The processing method and processing accuracy in the mold manufacturing process will also affect the service life of the mold. The surface of the main injection mold forming parts of the mold is strengthened to improve the surface wear resistance of the mold parts, to better improve the quality of the mold.

Proper use and maintenance of molds

How to correctly use and maintain the mold is also a major factor in improving the quality of the mold, such as:

a: The mold installation and debugging method should be appropriate

b: In the case of a hot runner, the power connection should be correct

c: Cooling water should meet the design requirements

d: Mold in the production of the injection molding machine, die casting machine, press parameters need to meet the design requirements, and so on.

The injection molding process is getting more and more attention in the packaging industry

The reason is that people use multi-layer molds, which is a progress in hot runner technology. By using a thin-wall injection molding process, the cost of raw materials can be saved. Other special processes, such as die labeling and multi-component technology, have also played a positive role in reducing process steps, increasing production, and improving efficiency.

injection molding factory
injection molding factory

Plastic packaging materials, especially in the food industry, have made a great contribution to improving our living standards today due to their lightweight and good durability. In addition, if you want to distribute the products produced by large-scale industrial production around the world, if there are no packaging materials, it is difficult to imagine. So on the whole, in the past few years, the entire plastic packaging market, mainly deep packaging plastic film has been growing rapidly. Among them, injection molding and molding packaging materials, such as packaging boxes or cups, are in the rising stage and gradually replacing thermoformed packaging materials.

Future trends of packaging materials:

a: Higher material costs and additional emission charges encourage people to use lightweight packaging materials.

b: The requirements for the performance of packaging materials are getting higher and higher. Today’s good packaging materials should have many functions, such as good writability, anti-accidental opening, and accurate portion distribution.

c: Due to the globalization of processing and sales of packaging materials, the output of packaging materials has increased rapidly, and the result is that multi-layer cavity molds have been widely used.

This development has an impact not only on production but also on the products themselves. While increased productivity and reduced product weight have always been priorities, other issues such as consumer protection and text marking can arise.

For the use of comfort and consumer protection requirements, can be achieved through a corresponding safety latch. To increase the strength of the edge part, fastening bars can be added, which can improve the overall performance of the material. If it is a thermoformed material, it is impossible to achieve this effect. In addition, the transparency of good polypropylene can play the optical characteristics, through the die marking can eliminate the printing link.

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