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What Mold Manufacturing Content Should Product Designers Know

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In the process of making plastic parts molds, a product design engineer can’t understand and master the molds fully. For product mold production, structural engineers need to understand the basic knowledge of mold. If you do not understand the mold, what problems will occur when the structural design is completed?

1. Mold and appearance

This relates to the location of the parting line and gate, and the parting line also relates to the split line. What we product designers need to understand is that the appearance can not gate or parting line, with the exception of some special structures, such as Huff mold, the closing line is unavoidable. For example, the round shape sometimes needs a gate, we can design it at the label, and then use the label to block it.

2. Mold and processing

The success of a structural design is related to the cost and processing difficulty of the mold. For example, we need to know the difference between a slider and a slanted top, which of the structures I designed used a slider, and which used a slanted top. Where the thimble may be used, and whether the position of the thimble will affect my appearance (transparent piece). We need to know the meaning of penetration, what are the benefits compared with the slider and the inclined top, these special nouns and original things will be encountered when communicating with the mold factory or with the mold, as well as the characteristics of the insert and the product.

3. Mold and product performance

This is very critical, according to the characteristics of the product, where is not allowed to have a mold line or gate. To know this, the mold factory must send the preliminary mold drawing and the gate position in PPT form to you for confirmation. You should know what is important and what is not.

4. Follow mold and change mold

We need to understand the mold processing procedures, as well as the general principle of mold change, electrical discharge wire cutting, etc., to understand the line, so that when the mold is made, it is still cloudy, how fast I send out the mold change, and the mold factory is also changed. Welding and EDM corresponding to the product structure design is what, and why so designed.

5. Molds and materials

The materials and prices used in our molds, such as the price of NAK80, S136, P20, and so on, are the basic characteristics of these mold materials, which are helpful to the mold quotation and the use of product materials.

Mold making, product design engineers why to understand mold knowledge? We should all understand that product design engineers to understand the content related to their design can, of course, more skills do not press the body, the more mastered, the competitiveness and strength of their own are good.

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